Manicures $20
Gel Manicure $30
Add French Extra $5


Classic Pedicure $30
– Feet Soak
– Nails Shaping
– Cuticle Treatment
– Sea Salt Scrub
– Heel Buffing
– Foot Massage
– Hot Towels
– Polish

Hot Stone Pedicure $38
Classic Pedicure with
– Hot Stones Massage
– Longer Foot Massage with Cooling Gel

Spa Pedicure $40
Classic Pedicure with
– Sugar Scrub
– Callus Treatment
– Longer Foot Massage

Deluxe Pedicure $55
Classic Pedicure with
– Sugar Scrub
– Callus Treatment
– Mud Mask
– Hot Stones
– Longer Foot Massage

Add Gel Color Extra $15
6 Weeks lasting, mirror finish, zero dry time.


Luxury pedicure : $60
Is one of the most hygienic Spa Pedicure solution, contains all-natural, organic ingredients to give your feet the nourishment it needs. The Set Includes Pedi Fine Salt, Sugar Scrub, Mud Mask, and Massage Lotion.
Combined with callus treatment, that gives you the smoothest heels and eliminates buildup of dead skin, leaving your feet feeling soft and refreshed after all.
Also, the special part of this pedicure type is paraffin wax . This is an excellent treatment for those who care about baby-smooth skin as much as they do colorful nails. This pedicure focus on moisturizing and softening the feet by covering them in paraffin wax. It has healing benefits as well. The wax is a form of heat therapy, increasing blood flow, relaxing muscles and decreasing joint stiffness.

Detox Organic Pedicure $50
Detox Pedi 4-Step is an individual spa experience specially measured out for each customer – giving you the perfect portion each time. Each Pedi 4-Step contains 4 essential steps to soothe and nurture the skin. Organic ingredients certified. Contains: Step 1) Pedi Bath Salt Step 2) Sugar Scrub Step 3) Detox Clay Mask Step 4) Massage Lotion Available in 4 smells: cucumber Melon, lavender, and wildflower, Mint and eucalyptus, mandarin *include callus treatment*

The New Signature Spa Pedicure Price $50

You want soft feet at all times? Invest in your feet that take you everywhere. Relax while we soften your feet, trim cuticles, remove calluses with callus eliminator treatment that break down calluses in 3-5 minutes, penetrate deep into the skin to repair dry, cracked, calluses heels and feet, exfoliating your leg. Enjoy a rich blend of sugar scrub with essential oils that help replenish dull dry skin and a calming mask wrapped in a hot towel combined with a deep massage will relieve sore aching feet, leaving soft, polished, and clean. Available in many different smells.



Full Set $30 & Up
Fill $20 & Up
French Tips $35 & Up
French Tips Fill $25 & Up
Add Gel Polish extra $10
Add French extra $5


Full Set $35 & Up
Take Off + Full Set $40 & Up
Add French extra $5
Add Manicure extra $10
Add Length $5


Full Set $60 & Up
Pink Fill $40 & Up
Pink & White Fill $50 & Up


Hands $15
Toes $15
Add French extra $5
Gel Polish on Nails/Toes $20
Take Off Gel + Polish $23

On Artificial Nails
Regular Polish $15
Gel Polish $20
Take Off Gel + Polish $23


Nails Cut Down Only $10
Nail Repair $5 & up
Nails / Gel Take Off Only $10
Nails / Gel Take Off with Service $5
Designs $5 & up
Cut Down on Acrylic Nails $3
Special Shape $3 & up
Extra length $3 & up

Kid’s Menu (Under 12 years old)

Manicure $17
Pedicure $27
Gel Manicure $27
Pedicure Gel $42
Nails Polish $10
Polish Toes $10
Design $3 & up


Eye Brows $10
Chin $8
Lips $6
Side Burn $20
Neck $10 & up
Under Arms $20 & up
Half Arm $30 & up
Full Arm $50 & up
Half Leg $40 & up
Full Leg $60 & up